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Design Process

There are 8 basic steps when I design, implement and publish a website.



1.Once I receive your "Request for Quotation" form, I will setup a meeting with you to discuss your inputs and find out more about your website requirements. At this time I will also review any questions that you might have regarding development cost, schedule, domains, hosting, and website maintenance.

2.If a custom layout is going to be developed, a mockup of the website is generated so that you can see what your website will look like (e.g. layout, colors, navigation, etc) before the final development work is started. Once the mockup is done, another meeting is setup to discuss your feedback. If necessary the mockup will be updated to address feedback from the first mockup review.

If a theme-based design is going to be done, I will provide a set of appropriate themes for the customer to select from.

If the customer does not already have a company logo that can be used for the website, this will be created prior to the design of the mockup.

3.A detailed design fixed price proposal that will be emailed to you within a few days.

4.If you accept the proposal, I will email you an invoice for 50% of the cost proposal. Once I receive your payment and design inputs, work on your website will begin.

5.Website is implemented based upon the approved mockup (custom design) or the selected theme. We will continually communicate throughout the design process to insure all your expectations and requirements are met by the final design. A link will be provided so you can track development and provide feedback during the entire development process.

6.When the design is completed to your satisfaction, I will email you a second invoice for the remaining costs. 

7.When I receive your second payment, your website will be published using your selected domain name. Prior to publishing, design SEO tasks will be completed including adding meta tags to each page.

8.After website is published, your domain will be submitted to search engines and a sitemap file will be generated so the pages of the website can be indexed as quickly as possible so it can be found on search engines (e.g. Google, Bing).

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